The Bluebonnet Health Weight Management Program
Look ahead...

Look ahead a year from now. You have lost the weight you need to lose, and for the first time you have kept it off. You look and feel better and you have the confidence that you are in control of your body for the rest of your life. How does that make you feel?

Welcome to the Bluebonnet Weight Management Program, a program  designed to maintain long-term weight loss. The Bluebonnet program was developed by a physician and has been independently reviewed by numerous other physicians (see the “Participating Physicians” link on left). It is successful because it relies on sound scientific principles. 

Think about your weight loss experience. Conventional wisdom states

 Who Am I?


My name is Dr. Alok Kalia. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and the program dietitian, Ms. Susan Rapley.

I have been a professor at a medical school for all of my professional life. I enjoy working with people, I enjoy teaching, and I especially enjoy solving complicated medical problems. 


The Program

This program has three phases: Principles, Practice, and Progress. You will register for one phase at a time. After each phase, you will decide whether to move on to the next one.